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Shrimp - Filled Filo Rolls
12 oz. Uncooked shrimp, shelled, devined, and coarsely chopped 
3 tlbsp. chopped fresh dill 
1/4 cup Chopped fresh chives 
9 to 10 Sheets filo dough, commercial or homemade, quartered to make 9 - x 7 inch. rectangles for commercial dough or 7-x 6inch. for homemade 
Olive oil or melted butter, for oiling the filo 
1 egg yolk Beaten with 1/2 tlbsp. water (optional) 
Place the saltsa besamel, wine, lemon juice, shrimp, dill, and chives in a medium - size bowl and stir to mix. Preheat the oven to 400F. Very lightly oil a baking sheet. Brush a rectangle of filo lightly with oil. Place about 1 1/2 tablespoons of the shrimp mixture in a narrow strip along the long side of the rectangle, and spread it out of the full length. Roll the filo once over the shrimp, then continue rolling until the filled dough is in one long roll. Starting from one end of the roll, turn the roll into itself, continuing round and round to make a coil. Place the coil on the prepared baking sheet, seam side down. Lightly oil the top of the roll with oil, and brush it with the egg wash, if using. Repeat with the remaining filo sheets until all the mixture is used. Bake until crisp and golden on top, 20 minutes. Serve right away or at room temperature.

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