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  Sesame and Honey Candy Bar  Pasteli

Sesame and Honey Candy Bar Pasteli
  Almond Bar (Pasteli with almonds)

Almond Bar (Pasteli with almonds)

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In every peripteron in Greece, you will find a candy bar which is reminiscent of the natural food movement prevalent in the 1980s.  Pasteli, however, is one of the conerstones of Greek confectionery.  The classic pasteli consists simply of sesame seeds baked with honey, and is therefore indigenous to the sesame-growing area around Thessaloniki, but almond, filbert and peanut pasteli have also become increasingly popular and are manufactured nationwide.  This is not surprising in a country that produces such an abundance of nuts.  Almonds grow in rocky regions, filberts and walnuts in agricultural areas and peanuts come from Cyprus.

There are still a good many pasteli bakeries in this, the home region of pasteli.  The aroma emanating from the bakeries can easily make you believe that pasteli may well have something to do with the legendary nectar and ambrosia that found their way here from nearby Olympus.



The sesame seeds or peanuts need to be evenly roasted  for pasteli   Boil the honey and sugar until it forms a compact mass.  The firmer the mass, the quicker the pasteli will set.  

Tip the mixture of sugar and sesame seeds (or peanuts) out onto a flat surface


Use a rolling pin to spread the mixture into a thin layer, a process which requires a great deal of skill


excerpts from: "Culinaria Greece"

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